What We Do

Response Planning – Collaborative Partnership


Response Assessment

ND executive team meets and coordinates with your leadership to prepare partners for 2021/2022. This includes strategies around screening, testing, contact tracing, privacy requirements and upcoming collaboration with counties and states.


Resource Community

ND updates your resources monthly, as changes are announced by healthcare and government agencies. Community Platform – Clinically curated content as well as moderated discussion forums are made available to families.


Organizational Partnership

ND takes the policy and communication lift. Partners receive coordinated support and guidance with ongoing response planning.

Your Turnkey Solution for Pandemic Response.

Student Health Workforce Extension

ND provides the software, hardware, tech support and training so that student health can serve multiple locations virtually.

Virtual Screening – Safer Spaces

ND provides a virtual nursing workforce, software, hardware, and tech-support for on-site screening.

Secure Software

Use Nurse Disrupted’s HIPAA compliant electronic documentation system for screening and rapid testing which includes standardized data required by the state.