Endorsed by the Wisconsin Nurse Association

What we do – Safer Spaces: A turnkey solution for COVID-19 response planning, virtual screening with licensed nurses, and secure documentation.

Response Planning

  • Have you already applied published recommendations for COVID-19 from the federal, state, and county level?
  • Do you have a plan to ensure people will adhere to your program?
  • Do you know what happens next when someone is symptomatic or tests positive for COVID-19?
  • Do you know where this information will live?
There is a sea of information and regulations that public spaces need to apply to bring people together. We’ll help you apply this information, create your response plan, and update your plans as changes are published.

Screening & Education

Tablets are strategically placed onsite so that people can walk up to them and be screened for COVID-19 and educated by a nurse connected through video. We fill the digital divide – no one has to be tech savvy or have the right app on the right device at the right time. The virtual method also provides a human connection in unusual times of isolation and separation.

We train and provide licensed nurses to screen through observation and protocol and educate everyone on safe practices. Why nurses? Observations, assessment, and education are core competencies in the science of nursing. We are trained to help mitigate fear and dispel misinformation.

Why virtual? To save you money and ensure you have nurses where and when you need them. As an added benefit, virtual methods reduce the risk of exposure and disease transmission.

Secure Documentation

In order to keep everyone safe, you’re going to need to know who needed to miss work or be quarantined. We use Salesforce for documentation and reporting – HIPAA compliant, and secure. Nurse Disrupted will never sell the data of people screened.

Data is compliant to industry standards so that as technologies such as testing, contact tracing and machine learning evolve, you are well positioned to include them.

Learn more about our work with homeless shelters through our program Virtual Volunteers and our Safer Spaces program that help academic institutions and companies safely re-open.

Nurses, we need you to help fight against the spread of COVID-19.