Mornings start sometimes at 2AM and these days run together. What started at Porchlight is expanding to The Salvation Army. Marian University is providing practicum hours for their doctoral nursing students through the Virtual Volunteer program which is now also endorsed by the WNA. We risk an entire class of nurses being unable to graduate due to the pandemic as the required practicum hours cannot be filled. These students will graduate thanks to Porchlight. 

One of the students wrote me last night. She had never worked with the homeless members of our community before and she was so glad for the opportunity. She is able to connect from over 80 miles away. Each of the Marian U students have poured themselves into their shifts at Porchlight. 

We will get to the other side of the curve, but our lives, thrown into the air, will not fall in the same order when we return to the ground. We are forever changed by this national emergency.

COVID-19 testing is not widely available, so we turn to screening. And this is what I know how to do – to connect the evidence based nursing practice with simple technology to solve problems. 

May 8th I’m leaving my corporate job at Epic to fully be Nurse Disrupted, LLC. I am joined by one of my best friends Tracy Zvenyach, PhD, NP.

We can increase screening. We can get our nursing students across the finish line. We can do this lighter and faster than we ever thought possible before.