Nurse Disrupted: Virtual COVID-19 Screening for Homeless Populations

Sep 9, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CT)

Nurse Disrupted: Virtual COVID-19 Screening for Homeless Populations Wednesday September 9, 2020, 12 noon Eastern/11 am

Central ANIA Midwest will be hosting an educational webinar presented by Bre Loughlin, MS, RN and Tracy Zvenyach, PhD, APRN-NP.  Learn how a Madison-based nursing technology solutions company deployed tablets, virtual meeting platforms, and electronic forms to provide video COVID-19 screening for homeless shelters.  Nurse Disrupted is massive compassion through simple technology.

Imagine living in these recent difficult pandemic times without a home or proper healthcare.  Homeless shelter populations experience limited access to healthcare in regular times, and a pandemic situation worsens their conditions.  Through the Virtual Volunteer program, trained nurses screen for COVID-19, maintain protocol, and provide education on safe practices.  The virtual connection also provides a human connection in unusual times of isolation and separation.

Learning objectives include:

Learn about technology needed to deploy a virtual screening with minimum budget and resources
Understand how a clinical decision support tool was created from a simple electronic form 
Understand challenges of applying health technology with a volunteer workforce

Discuss tech literacy and the role of compassion in health information technology Registration and email are required for CE credit